Paint PGH
Print, Branding

Paint PGH is a proposed identity system for a 'Paint the Pavement' project launch in Pittsburgh. The brand identity uses the mix-and-match of type and color along with poorly drawn icons to show how carefree painting and engaging with the community can be.

The Problem
'Paint the Pavement' is a city program that encourages communities to do mural paintings on public streets intended to enhance the aesthetic environment of neighborhoods and facilitate more communication between community leaders and members. It also encourages artists and members of neighborhoods to build ties by providing them with opportunities for work.

I was given a packet of information made for the 'Paint the Pavement' project in Minneapolis and asked to create a branding system for this project in Pittsburgh and to create an information packet, formatting the text provided from the Minneapolis project.

'Paint the Pavement' is a fairly publicized project, yet because of its complicated process, detailed in even more complicated information packets, participation is low. The project lacks an identity and the information packets don't reflect the fun and excitement a project like this entails. It needed to be introduced as an outlet for creativity and community building.
The Process
While reading the information packet provided, I realized that because of the extensive amount of steps and regulations needed in this project, neighborhood leaders have to plan and carry out applications for the rest of their neighborhood. The information packet lacked personality and did not reflect the joy of painting, making it seem like an administrative task even though it is a celebration of creativity and culture. It also lacked clear diagramming when it came to organizing dates and most of the packet didn't try to engage the reader. The application required three parts- pre-application, arts commission application, and encroachment permits, yet information about these applications were out of place and almost impossible to find. 
The Product
The word mark I have created emphasizes the 'Paint' in 'Paint the Pavement'. It uses eclectic pairings of type to show the happy-go-lucky attitude of painting murals and serves as a celebration of creativity and art. I also drew icons that represent elements of a safe neighborhood with my non-dominant hand to mimic children's drawings. These icons show how easy it is to engage in community activities and how effortless and non-exact these murals can be. The use of color is playful and exciting. Sections are created in the packet to bring forward another layer of navigation. In one of the pages I created a foldout that shows the objectives and goals of the project in the way of two big posters. The rest of the packet uses Sabon as the body and Aktiv Grotesk for titles, along with different combinations of the fonts used in the word mark for big headers.
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