Assemblage: The Senior
Design Show

Working with a branding team of eleven other seniors from my class, I helped develop the visual system and deliverables for our senior design show. My main roles included working on a show banner, which hung outside the gallery, posters for mass distribution, and a projected video on show in the gallery. The main visual uses different axes to place components of our design education in a composition reminiscent of an exploded diagram. A schematic of our design education, denoting the foundation of our formal education, is intersected with photos of our work, which is then woven with drawn arrows that show the underlying scrappiness that is an inevitable by-product of our process. 

Animated Things
I've Done

This motion reel is a collection of animations I've done over the span of 2014-2017, representing a spectrum of techniques and styles. It spans a variety of projects, many of which didn't have motion as its core focus. Full versions of some of these pieces can be found on my Vimeo ↗.

AIGA Design

Using census data about designers collected by AIGA, Anqi Wan ↗, Carolyn Zhou ↗, Raphael Weikart ↗, Tiffany Jiang ↗, and I prototyped a website ↗ that visualizes differences between freelance and industry designers in the United States by comparing population, satisfaction, hours, and salary in cities most populated by freelance designers. This website is meant to allow audiences to explore the layers of differences between the two and interpret the value of both sides.

Product Design
Internship at Uber

During the summer of 2017, I worked as a product design intern on the Partnerships team at Uber, working on calendar integration for the Rider app. I also worked on the Rider Loyalty team and helped with pitching and planning new projects. If you're interested in knowing more, feel free to reach out ↗.

The Cut

The Cut Magazine, Carnegie Mellon's first music magazine, needed a new look that is as bold, exciting, and alternative as its content. Noah Johnson ↗ and I worked together to create a new visual system and layout for the magazine, complete with a brand new cover. The new visual system uses the literal meaning of 'cut' as central to the re-interpretation of graphic elements and type system.

Paint PGH

Paint PGH is a proposed identity system for a 'Paint the Pavement' project launch in Pittsburgh. 'Paint the Pavement' is a service event that encourages communities to paint cross-sections in public streets in order to reduce car accidents in neighborhoods and facilitate communication between community leaders and members. The brand identity uses the mix-and-match of type and color along with poorly drawn icons to show how carefree painting and engaging with the community can be.

Taiwanese Students
Association Branding

With its growing presence and changing membership, the Taiwanese Students Association needed an identity that felt fresh but still respectful of its tradition. Using fluid strokes that allude to three pillars of the organization represented by three landmarks of Taiwanese culture, Alvin Wong ↗ and I gave Carnegie Mellon's TSA a new identity.