I am a communication designer who works with print, identities, digital systems, interactions, and motion.

I was born in Taiwan, raised in Shanghai, and am currently based in Pittsburgh. I believe that simple solutions require complex thought and that consistency is crucial to bridging gaps between users and products. I enjoy working with systems of hybrid environments and like to concern myself with nuanced details that heighten the big picture. I work through problems by drawing from disciplines beyond design and find inspiration through everyday life. I find it important to establish common ground before making strides, and I embrace the constant challenge of finding new ways of communicating.

If you ever catch me walking somewhere with my earphones in, I'm probably listening to this. Most of what I know about cooking comes from watching him cook, and I'm currently trying to read more from this really great magazine. I'm currently looking for an internship for the summer of 2017.


+1 (412) 951-1344
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